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Die Free Gasket Cutting Machine

Zhuoxing sealing industry cutting machine mainly performs automatic intelligent cutting for sealing materials, including asbestos-free sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, graphite composite board, rubber, PTFE and so on. Reasonable and advanced mechanical structure design with special blade developed for the sealing industry, which promote Zhuoxing sealing industry cutting machine to finish the special-shaped processing of seals with high precision, high speed and more stable. The work-piece is non-serrated, burr-free, smooth and uniform. Good performance, effectively solve the problem of low production efficiency, relying on manual experience, low material utilization rate, difficult manufacturing of special-shaped parts and non-standard specifications, high product scrap rate and long delivery period in the sealing industry, helping customers in the sealing industry to reduce costs. At the same time, it wins more market share with high quality, short production cycle and customized customer service!

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Die Free Gasket Cutting Machine


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