Function and Characteristics of Gasket Cutting Machine

Function and Characteristics of Gasket Cutting Machine

Gaskets are mostly made of paper, rubber or copper, placed between two surfaces to strengthen the sealing. The commonly used gaskets contain asbestos free gaskets, asbestos gaskets, rubber gaskets, non-asbestos gaskets, aramid gaskets, cylinder gaskets, rubber gaskets, cotton rubber gaskets, silicone gaskets, etc. The shape of gasket is various, conventional gasket cutting machine is difficult to conduct irregular cutting, zhuoxing intelligent cutting equipments can fully realize the complex shape cutting, there are many customers choose our gasket cutting machine.

Function and Characteristics of Gasket Cutting Machine(图1)

Now for you to explain the specific functions and characteristics:

1.Equipped with intelligent cutting head, you can change the tool according to the demand, all kinds of gasket can be effective cut with strong practicality.

2. Equipped with automatic feeding device, it can realize continuous feeding, long span cutting, unlimited theoretical cutting length, improve production efficiency, high degree of automation.

3. The cutting precision of the machine is high and the error is very small.

4. Vibration knife cutting, cutting surface smooth and round, no need for secondary processing, can be used directly, reduce the production process, improve production efficiency.

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